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The company has a detailed agreement that indicates the strict outlines for the terms of the purchase of any services. While placing an order from the Company or Site, the User agrees to the Purchase & Licensing Agreement of the Company and its associations. This reference incorporates the Company's Purchase and Licensing Agreement into his Agreement, and its contents define the Company's return policy, ordering procedure, and licensing of the products. At the sole discretion of the Company, the Purchase and Licensing Agreement will be mandatory.


Considering the nature and format of the business/services, we do not accept any kinds of refunds or returns of products once it has been sold or delivered to you. All the Purchases (via email, online through website or purchase link or over the phone direct line) from us are deemed final. We request you to read all the information regarding the research reports/user license before placing the order. We also suggest you to write us at for any kind of queries or expert advice regarding the report’s coverage or relevance.


The payment options available with us are as follows:

  1. Direct Purchase
    • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ with the desired ‘User License’.
    • Fill the required details
    • Continue to ‘Payment Options’ and select the desired payment option
    • Fill in the payment details and make the payment
    • Once the payment is confirmed, our accounts team will share you the Invoice of your order
    • Our Dispatch Team will deliver the report accordingly within 48-72 business hours
  2. Online credit card Purchase Link (A payment link will be shared with you)
    • Select the ‘Razor Pay/ PayPal’ radio button on the right side of the page and click on ‘confirm order’
      (Note: For Amex use PayPal Payment Gateway. For PayPal use the ‘PayPal Guest checkout’ option to make the payment)
    • Fill in the details and click on ‘Pay’
    • Kindly select the 'Visa/MasterCard' option
    • Select ‘Other Bank Credit Card’
    • Fill in the card details and click on ‘Make Payment’
  3. Bank Wire Transfer (Our accounts team will share with you the Pro-Forma Invoice including banking details)

In case of any failure or error while purchasing the report online via our website, please email us at immediately and make your purchase through.


The report will be delivered to you at your designated Email address in 48-72 business hours’ post-payment transaction and order confirmation. The delivery formats available with us are PDF/PPT/Word and, or Excel deliverables (Excel Data Workbook) which are subject to the client’s requirements.

We also offer hard copies/printed format of a report on a special case at an additional cost. The printed version of the report will be delivered to the client at their designated address via courier services within 7-business days’ post-payment transaction and order confirmation. We do not guarantee that the goods when received are in perfect condition as it completely depends on the courier services and we are not liable for any damage caused during the transit of goods. The online desired version (PDF/PPT/Word and, or Excel deliverables) will be shared at the designated email address.


In response to orders/requests received, Quintile Insights, and its associations provide strategic business insights/analysis services to a selected group of customers that are limited to publications containing valuable market information. The services/businesses ordered by our customers are for their internal use and abided by the non-disclosure agreement. Our insights/services are meant to be used as general information only. The insights/services offered by us are solely based on data collected from various primary sources and subject to market fluctuations and volatility. We ensure to offer the most relevant and accurate data as per the market standards, although we do not guarantee its usefulness, accuracy, completeness, and reliability. We suggest you not take any business/strategic decisions based on the data provided by us. We are not responsible for any kind of losses incurred by you in case of any direct, incidental, or consequential damage.

Quintile Insights does not allow any vendor, to profile its service, products, or publications.

Quintile Insights disclaims all warranties, the data as these are primarily based on interviews and therefore, liable for fluctuation. However, implied or expressed, concerning this research, including any warranties of fitness or merchantability, for any particular purpose. Also, Quintile Insights doesn't take responsibility for incorrect information supplied by manufacturers or users.

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